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Busy, busy, busy!

June 10, 2011

I know I said I would make an update a week ago, and I feel really bad for not sticking to that commitment! That said, there’s reasons behind my lack of an update. Mainly, I got a second job. I’m not going to disclose where for obvious reasons, but I will say the company is a beauty leader and that I am very excited to be working with them!

It was a long road to get this job, too. Here’s what I did to make sure they didn’t forget me:

  • Called frequently to check on my application
  • Left a voice message every time I called
  • Always said “please” and “thank you” in every message
  • In short, I was very persistant without being annoying.

Callling and following up with people is all new to me, as I recently discovered. My experience up until now was effortless, really. I filled out applications, either in person or online, and I got callbacks. I never had to deal with “harassing” people–being persistant–people just came to me, it seemed. Well, all that pretty much goes to hell if you’re applying for anything besides retail or fast food. The competition increases if there aren’t many places or businesses like x around. For example, if you apply at Wendy’s and they turn you down, you can still go apply at McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., Hardee’s, Arby’s, etc. If you apply at American Eagle and they say no, you still have Express, the Gap, Old Navy, etc. But if you apply to a job for which there aren’t many local competitors, you really have to lobby for that position and show the employer how serious you are about the job.

So what else is new?

I’m loving the following:

  • Nyx HD Eyeshadow Base prevents eyeshadow colors from wearing off or fading. I forgot to put mine on today, and it’s totally obvious–my MAC Shale eyeshadow is creased and faded now!

This chinchilla is adorable.

I have a mellow weekend in store, so expect more posts!!




May 31, 2011

On Saturday my boyfriend Erik and I left the Dallas/Fort Worth area for a few days down in Austin. On the schedule: canoeing, with a rental from Zilker Park Boat Rentals; dining at local favorites, including P Terry’s and Kerbey Lane Cafe; and of course, shopping, namely at Austin’s Buffalo Exchange and checking out Toy Joy.

We arrived a bit late on Saturday night, so we ate at Buca di Beppo next to the hotel. I’m not big on chain restaurants, but I’ve never had a bad meal at Buca. We had the baked rigatoni, which was savory! For dessert, we got the cannoli and the tiramisu, which we ate back at the hotel.

After waking up a bit late on Sunday morning, we decided to forego breakfast and head right over to P Terry’s Burger Stand on South Lamar & Barton Springs Road. I got a cheeseburger with fries and Erik got a double cheeseburger with fries. We sat outside while the wind nearly blew our paper bag and fries away, but overall it was a good experience. Read the reviews on Yelp! Here’s what some people say:

This is my favorite burger place in Austin!
The burgers are delicious, well seasoned, and all-natural quality ingredients. Makes for a great meal. [...] and amazing value, same cost as much worse fast food.

Dygo T

The hamburgers are good if you like a thinner hamburger (it reminded me a lot of Wendy’s burgers) and the fries were great! The best part is its super cheap (combo for less than $5).

Stormy R

The food was filling, nature’s air conditioner did its job well, and we left in search of some beer and a cooler for boating.

This is just one of the many great views we had while canoeing!

So many people were out in kayaks and canoes…

…and on BOAT BIKES. Yes, these puzzling things actually work. I’d be afraid of tipping over, though!

Here are some more pictures:

We saw a lot of birds out, including this pretty swan and some diving ducks, as well as plenty of turtles!

I was really afraid of capsizing, so I tied my shoes and our plastic bag with the car keys, towel, camera, etc. to one of the bars of the canoe. We had a few close calls!!

Canoeing isn’t very glamorous… but it was a LOT of fun! Zilker Park Boat Rentals charges $12 an hour, or $40 for all day. They also offer a coupon on their site for off-peak times. I’ll definitely be back to canoe with them. As for kayaking, I don’t think so! I like to have room in my boat for my water bottle, camera, shoes, etc.

After canoeing, we went to Amy’s Ice Creams. Amy’s is definitely an Austin treat! I was introduced to them by my sister, who worked for them for nearly a year when she went to Austin Community College a few years ago. I had the “Cookie Monster,” which is Mexican Vanilla ice cream mixed with cookie dough and a crushed Oreo cookie. SO GOOD! I took a picture with my phone but now I can’t get it off my phone, sadly :(

Then we went to Toy Joy, which is an experience in and of itself. Jane from Sea of Shoes has written about Toy Joy, too. I didn’t see my favorite item, the half-demon baby that Jane chronicled, but there were plenty of other distractions–tons of Hello Kitty stuff, things that look like they came from Archie McPhee, and my childhood favorite, Beanie Babies!

As Toy Joy is right next to Buffalo Exchange, I popped in there to redeem a merchandise credit. I found this lovely t-shirt, which I of course nabbed up immediately:

Hello, Marc by Marc Jacobs cotton t-shirt! Thank you for falling into my hands, lover.

Erik and I then headed back to the hotel for a little down time. I fell asleep, and so around 11:30pm we decided to try Kerbey Lane Cafe at its original location, 3704 Kerbey Lane!

Image via Becky S. on Yelp

We arrived and saw the place was pretty busy for a Sunday night. But this place is open 24 hours, so when wouldn’t it be busy?! I ordered the club sandwich with Maine Root root beer, both of which were extremely tasty, with a side of fruit. The sandwich was crispy with fresh tomatoes and lettuce, the bacon wasn’t overdone or underdone, the mozzarella paired well with the ham, and the fruit wasn’t browned or soggy. It was all so good!

Tomorrow I will do a “Part 2″… :)



Things I Love Thursday

May 26, 2011

So Hot it Berns

  • I love this orangey-red OPI polish, “So Hot it Berns.” It’s from the Switzerland collection, which is probably my favorite of all OPI’s recent collections. I’m upset that it’s chipping already, though!

  • I can’t wait to make this Annie’s macaroni and cheese!! This is my absolute favorite flavor, white cheddar. The grocery store was running a special, so I grabbed 4 boxes!
  • Keiko Lynn shows us how to create a messy bun. I have worn this style for 2 days now, and I love it–it’s perfect for the muggy heat I’ve been living in for the past few weeks here in Texas!
  • Does anyone know if MAC Cosmetics Wholesale is legitimate??? HOLY CRAP.
  • Have you seen or heard of the You Are Beautiful campaign? Of all their installations, this one is my favorite:

I will be updating a bit over the weekend, as I’m heading to Austin for a little getaway! More pictures and reviews to come on Tuesday!



Alien by Thierry Mugler and… a surprise review!

May 25, 2011

I am very lucky to have a co-worker with whom I can talk about perfume.

I also consider myself very lucky that she brings me testers from her trips to Saks and Neiman Marcus. Monica loves perfumes and body sprays, and we’re always talking about which ones we think smell wonderful and which smell like rotten eggs, much to the chagrin of our manager, who thinks we’re a couple of silly girls chattering away about “girl stuff” he’d rather not overhear. :)

One day Monica came in, smelling lovely as she always does. Her favorite is David Yurman, but she likes to switch things up according to her mood that day. I asked her what perfume she was wearing. It smelled musky and exotic with a hint of citrus–my favorite. This is a very sexy combination! That said, the scent turned out to be this:

Alien by Thierry Mugler
This is Alien by Thierry Mugler. I think I would bathe in this if I had enough of it, but I don’t think I could ever have enough of it–it smells that good! It’s rather expensive, though, so I’d definitely recommend asking the salesperson at the perfume counter for a sample. If I were to buy it, I’d get the refillable bottle, which runs from $77 to $112, depending on the number of ounces. See it at Nordstrom, Saks ($112 for the 2 oz. refillable), and Neiman Marcus. If you want nonrefillable, it’s a bit less expensive, but I think it’s ridiculous to have so many empty perfume bottles (that may or may not end up in landfills) of a scent that smells this good. Yes, you have to pay for the refill of Alien, but I think it’s much more eco-friendly and responsible to pay a little extra up front. Plus, if the perfume sprayer ever quits working or gets clogged up, that means you can always twist it off and apply the perfume using your fingers or a cotton ball.

Monica also turned me on to another scent she loves. Now, I have to say that I’m not into celebrities. I don’t buy People, US Weekly, Star, or In Touch magazine. That was one of the reasons I left Twitter for a while, actually! Too much chatter about celebrity lifestyle bores me. That said, I was very surprised when Monica waltzed into work one day with a celebrity’s scent on. It’s my close second to Alien at the moment, and whenever I tell people what it is I’m wearing they always reply with “Are you serious?!” Yes, I am serious:

M by Mariah Carey

M by Mariah Carey. For real. Yes, this former goth/punk girl is totally rocking M by Mariah Carey. Do not laugh! Go smell it! It’s light, not overwhelming. It’s enough of a floral and enough of a dark, musky scent so you don’t smell like you’ve dowsed yourself in some old Calgon spray your mom gave you when you were 13. I definitely recommend it. Head over to Ulta today and spray a tester. Also, it’s not that expensive, either. The small, 1.7 oz is $55 and the 3.3 oz is only ten bucks more at $65. Buy it at Ulta. And please don’t feel embarassed…just think about the look on people’s faces when you tell them that no, you’re not kidding, and yes, it really is Mariah Carey.



Proenza Bag

May 23, 2011 has an “Ask” section in which members can ask fashion-related questions like “What goes with this?”

I saw someone post this bag and decided to create two looks around it:


Proenza by kmmanlove featuring a sweater cardigan

Dorothy Perkins tank top
5 GBP -

Sweater cardigan

Seven For All Mankind skinny jeans
94 GBP -

Jeffrey campbell shoes
$125 -

Proenza Schouler leather bag
1.290 EUR -

Juicy Couture silver necklace
$48 -


Biking by kmmanlove featuring off the shoulder tops

Erin Kleinberg tank top
73 GBP -

Bobi cotton athletic short
$44 -

Toms shoes
30 GBP -

Proenza Schouler leather bag
1.290 EUR -

Beaded necklace
$675 -

Low Luv x Erin Wasson cuff bracelet
$245 -

Miss Selfridge drop earring
13 GBP -

What do you think?

Shopping Saturday

May 21, 2011

I’m a big fan of Shop It To Me! This is a great free site that shops for you. Tell it what websites you frequent, what size you wear, what brands you prefer–and it sends you a weekly email complete with sale notifications. You can also log in to their site to view your “salemail.” If you log in to the site, you can select what you’d like to view: apparel, shoes, handbags, or accessories. You can also select how much you’re willing to spend and the discount percentage. Here are some of my favorites for this week, with a price point of less than $75:

Leopard Summer

Leopard Summer by kmmanlove featuring h&m jewelry

French Connection animal print top, $20
Wedge heel sandal, $25
Freebird handbag, $32
Gold jewelry, $8
H m jewelry, 1.99 GBP
New York & Company – View All – Streetwear Basic Cropped Legging, $3.88

Paired with some inexpensive accessories from H&M, Target, Nordstrom, and

I don’t know why so many people I come across knock NY&Co. I always get the best leggings from them, and always on sale. $3.88! Come on, guys. Not even Target can beat that.




May 19, 2011

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